Monday, 1 September 2008

Connor started school!

Two weeks ago, Connor started preschool. He had been sooo eager to start! Logan has been going to this same school for a year and Connor was going there every day with the nanny to pick him up, so he knew the place very well and always liked it there.

Here are a few pictures of his first day.

Before leaving home, showing off with his new rucksack

Running there with Logan

Entering his classroom, he is in the Green Group (Logan is in the red, just next door)

Checking out the fish tank

This is how we left him, putting cake pieces in plates and setting the table with them.

He did really well on his first day. Apparently, he had one crying episode in the morning. Logan who was next door heard him and rushed to cuddle him! Logan took his big brother duty very seriously and really looked after his little brother during the first few days. Connor did have pee accidents 4 of the 5 days the first week, but he was back to normal last week with no accident. I think he has settled in nicely and really loves it there. How fun!

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K A R I™ said...

Seeing pictures of your boys always makes me wish Lucas had a brother. They are always so sweet together! I bet they'll be such good friends when they are adults!