Friday, 29 August 2008

A bit of culture

While we were in England, we went to visit Bodiam Castle, which was built in 1345. I love it, it's a typical example of an English medieval castle, with moat, drawbridge and all the rest! :)

After that, we visited the Abbey in Battle, which was built around the same time. Battle is called so because it was the site of the famous "Battle of Hastings" (Go figure why the Battle of Battle is called Battle of Hastings! LOL) in 1066. This is when Harold the Second of England fought the army of Duke William of Normandy with the prize for the victor being the throne of England. And the winner was... William of Normandy, also known as Guillaume le Conquérant in France.

Now, enough blah blah, the pictures

Approaching the castle


Then we had a picnic outside

An old house next to the Abbey in Battle

The Abbey

Inside the Abbey

The Throne of England? ;)


K A R I™ said...

Those pictures are so cool! We lived in Europe when I was age 3-6 and I can still remember going to see the cool castles (mostly in Germany) I bet your boys will have cool memories of castles too!

Parenting Boys said...

Thanks Kari! I didn't realised you lived in Europe. We do go visit the local castles as well. The boys usually enjoy that! :)