Friday, 29 August 2008

A bit of culture

While we were in England, we went to visit Bodiam Castle, which was built in 1345. I love it, it's a typical example of an English medieval castle, with moat, drawbridge and all the rest! :)

After that, we visited the Abbey in Battle, which was built around the same time. Battle is called so because it was the site of the famous "Battle of Hastings" (Go figure why the Battle of Battle is called Battle of Hastings! LOL) in 1066. This is when Harold the Second of England fought the army of Duke William of Normandy with the prize for the victor being the throne of England. And the winner was... William of Normandy, also known as Guillaume le Conquérant in France.

Now, enough blah blah, the pictures

Approaching the castle


Then we had a picnic outside

An old house next to the Abbey in Battle

The Abbey

Inside the Abbey

The Throne of England? ;)

Monday, 25 August 2008

Good posed pictures?

There is nothing like a picture taken outdoors. As good as the pictures are when taken inside, there is always something "missing".

That's why I always try and take lots of pictures when we are out with the boys. But, of course, they are never doing the right thing so I can get a good picture, so I then end up asking them to sit there and I try and get a good shot.

Of course, that ends up in posed pictures and, then, the spontaneity is missing. I guess there is no winning ;)

I took a few of those back in England and here are the ones that turned out best. I'm still not sure they are good, but I guess they were my best effort.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Beach fun

As with any summer holidays in England, you can't really predict what the weather is going to be, even if you go to the "Sunshine Coast" (as Eastbourne likes to be labelled) ;)

This year, we did get some nice days and managed to get to the beach a few times. Here are some shots of the boys enjoying the beach.

There really is something about the immensity of the sea...

Logan does like to do his exercises wherever he is. Why not in the sea?!

The strongest boy in the world (or at least on the beach!)

Comparing muscles... Do you start to see a pattern emerge there?
(the cute little boy in yellow is their 5-year old cousin Finley)

Connor striking a pose. Note how he has perfected the "over the shoulder look"

I just love this one, I think it's the sweetest picture of Logan.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Blogging virgin!

OK, so I have decided to give in and create a blog. I'm not sure yet in which direction this is going to go. I guess, I will use this blog to update family and friends about us and post pictures of the boys. So, here we go, a few pictures of the family from our recent holidays in Eastbourne. :)

Jumping, jumping...

My little poser!