Thursday, 4 September 2008

Scary Mr. Frog

Mr. Frog is mine. I got him for my 30th birthday. I always thought he was pretty cute and funny (and huge!). Well, that was until two nights ago. At 3:30 in the morning, Connor woke up, screaming for me to come. When I got to him, he told me he was scared of the frog. Mr. Frog had been in Connor and Logan's bedroom for months, possibly more. So, I took Mr. Frog away from their room but there was no way he wanted to stay in his room, so I stayed in bed with him. I thought that was it until last night. He went to bed without fuss until I left the room. He started screaming immediately saying he was afraid of the frog! So, Tim went to pick up Mr. Frog who was in another room upstairs and got Connor to throw him down the stairs. That made him laugh and, after that, he went to bed without fuss. Until 6:00 am when he woke up again screaming that he was afraid of the frog! :( I think tonight we are going to show him that we are putting Mr. Frog out of the house!

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