Tuesday, 9 September 2008

First time after months!

As planned, I did go running this morning.

I did a 20 minutes session. As I had to stop a couple of times, I'll guess that I ran for about 15 minutes. Now, that is not a great deal, but I guess it's a start and better than nothing.

I would have run longer, but my back started aching and I thought it was better to start heading home. I need to say that I hadn't been running for months because of my back. I have had back issues since last October and, basically, each time I was starting to get better and go back running, my back would start hurting again. So, in light of this, I thought it was better to stop today when I felt the pain in the usual spot. :(

Now, I stretched properly once I was back home and can't feel any pain at the moment. So, I'm hoping this was just my muscles warming up and that everything will be OK. Tomorrow morning will be the test, as it was the next morning that it started hurting again each time. Wish me luck!