Saturday, 1 November 2008

Some more shots from today

Some time back, we instituted a reward chart for Logan (and one for Connor, but that is an entirely different story, a total disaster...). It was to start giving him chores. The one chore we were following with the chart was setting the table before meals. It is now Logan's responsibility. He has just completed the 20 days of his chart and got to choose a present. He wanted a Bionicle (what else?!). Tim found a couple of scorpion Bionicles and that seemed like the perfect find for three reasons: 1. it's a Bionicle 2. it's scorpions and Logan has a passion for scorpions 3. there are two so Connor can get one too...

So, after a quick treasure hunt, Logan found his present. :)

Connor with his that Logan gave him without us asking!

After playing with the new scorpions, they attempted to jump on our bed! We managed to get them to stop quickly, but I still got a couple of shots. ;)

Later, the boys watched a DVD and Connor went for a spontaneous cuddle with Logan. Unfortunately, Logan wanted nothing to do with it. Connor was pleading: "Please, Logan, give me a hug", to no avail...

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