Friday, 17 October 2008

More pictures from Darmstadt

This is a detail of the Bismarck statue from the previous post

Darmstadt Castle and a weird statue on the opposite square. The statue always ends up holding a can of beer for some reason LOL

Darmstadt has a castle because it was the residence of the Archi-Dukes of Hessen (the region) and they lived there until the last century

This is the old "Rathaus" town hall, that dates back to the 16th Century. It's now mostly a brewery/bar, but there are still offices from the town hall, where they do weddings (there was one going on, you can see a limousine at the front) and where you have to go to register the birth of babies (both Logan and Connor were registered there)

A detail from the Rathaus

This is the main square of Darmstadt: Luisenplatz. All the trams and buses pass this point and the man on top of the column is a former Grand-Duke of Hessen, Ludwig. He was a great patron of the arts and instituted a "Kunstler Kolonie" - an artist colony - at the beginning of the Art Deco period and Darmstadt became one of the main Art Deco centers in Germany

And here is Ludwig

The "Weiss Turm" (white tower)

This is the "Central Station", Darmstadt's former train station, now a venue for concerts

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