Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Body measurements - Progress after two months

I took my first measurements on 30 September and, again, today. So this is my progress over two months (measurements were taken only on the left side). Here is the delta:

Biceps: -0.5 cm/-0.19 inch
Chest: -3.3 cm/-1.57 inches
Under chest: -2.5 cm/-0.98 inch
Waist: -3.7 cm/-1.46 inches
Hips: -3.9 cm/-1.53 inches
Thights: -1.4 cm/-0.55 inch
Calves: -1.2 cm/-0.47 inch

I'm quite happy with these results, as this is a general decrease. Now, I've got to keep up with the good work. :)

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K A R I™ said...

You are doing GREAT