Friday, 3 April 2009

Girlfriend Present

Picture of the day for: 02.04.09

So, last night Connor came home telling me he wanted to give a present to his girlfriend from school Joceline, who was celebrating her 4th birthday that day… He said he wanted to buy her a big dinosaur, because she loves dinosaurs ;)

Then, I was flipping through a new knitting pattern book, he saw "Mousie" and said “that’s what I want to give Joceline for her birthday”. So, I went through my leftover sock yarn, found two colours that would do and started her immediately. I finished her just after midnight, in time for him to take it to her today at school. Our first girlfriend present <3


K A R I™ said...

It is so cute! I bet she will love it! Have you heard what her reaction was yet?

Parenting Boys said...

Well, it was hard to get feedback from him (didn't see Joceline). He said he gave it to her and she liked it... I'll ask her mum when I see her, probably better to get feedback.

All I know is that he was pretty excited about this, so cute!